gbf biodiesel – top quality exceeding the DIN standard

Biodiesel produced by the german biofuels gmbh is subject to the European standard DIN EN 14214 as well as the more stringent quality standard of the AGQM norm, which is monitored by the Association for the Quality Management of Biodiesel e.V. (AGQM). Thereby gbf can guarantee its customers consistently high quality – from the first production step to the filling station. 

Beyond that, since beginning production, we have complied with all the required norms and standards. In the area of livestock feed production all the parameters governing the ingredients and the product quality are fulfilled continuously. In the area of biogenic fuels we are fulfilling our own objective to raise the level acceptance of biodiesel on the biofuels market with our high quality products.  

Gbf offers its customers top quality biodiesel which fulfills quality requirements well above the norm. In gbf’s own laboratory we are constantly monitoring the quality of our products and improving upon it in close cooperation with the production department. Furthermore, the majority of the rapeseed and rapeseed oil we use is sustainably grown in the region, whereby we ensure the consistent quality of our products.