Rapeseed cake – livestock feed from rapeseed oil production

Gbf gmbh has an annual production capacity of more than 60,000 tons of top quality rapeseed cake. Gbf rapeseed cake is livestock fodder of 0-0 quality, which is produced during the process of pressing the oil from the rapeseed.

Rapeseed cake:


  • is excellent livestock fodder, providing a source of raw proteins and important amino acids
  • is a high quality partial or complete substitute for other protein livestock feed
  • is an indigenous variety of protein which reduces the cost of fodder
  • has the same calorie content as grain fodders due to its raw fat content
  • has a higher caloric value than rapeseed residue
  • has properties that fulfill the nutritional requirements of calves, dairy cows and bulls
  • has a high phosphorus content which improves the fertility of livestock