gbf biodiesel – sustainable top quality made in Germany

Gbf german biofuels gmbh has an annual production capacity of more than 130,000 tons of high quality biodiesel. We use rapeseed oil to produce the sustainable fuel biodiesel (RME).

Our biodiesel fulfills all criteria according to the standard DIN EN 14214. Gbf biodiesel has similar properties to petroleum diesel fuel, yet has the following advantages:


  • Biodiesel is a renewable resource and is therefore sustainable
  • Biodiesel reduces the dependence on petroleum diesel
  • Biodiesel is a low pollution fuel and reduces carbon dioxide emissions
  • Biodiesel reduces particle pollution in cities
  • Biodiesel is suitable for trucks and tractors as B100


Top quality biodiesel by gbf

  • Made from 100% vegetable oil
  • From renewable resources
  • From regional agricultural producers
  • Particulate reduction by 50%
  • Up to 65% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions


10 convincing reasons for the use of biodiesel

For our climate

1. CO2 emissions are reduced by the use of biodiesel: the combustion of biodiesel releases approximately the same amount of carbon dioxide as was bound by the rapeseed plant during its growth. Merely cultivation, processing and distribution can reduce these benefits when biodiesel is not used as energy source in all these steps. In contrast, when using conventional diesel, 3.2 kilograms of CO2 are emitted for every liter of fuel.


2. The emission of pollutants and particulates is reduced significantly. Furthermore, the pollutants are less carcinogenic.

3. Biodiesel does not contain sulphur, it is not poisonous and it is biologically degradable.

4. Rapeseed and other renewable resources can replace limited fossil fuels.

5. A fully integrated production cycle minimizes waste. 

Ready for every day use

6. The European norm EN 14214 (in Germany DIN EN 14214) ensures high quality standards. The organization Qualitätsmanagement Biodiesel e.V. (AGQM) monitors the biodiesel's quality.

7. It is possible to blend biodiesel with conventional diesel in the same fuel tank without any problems.

8. Biodiesel from rapeseed oil is frost-proof up to a temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius.

9. Many vehicles are certified for biodiesel use.

10. The increase in fuel consumption, due to the lower specific energy value, is only minimal.

Switch to biodiesel now

gbf biodiesel is more than an alternative!

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