Our mission

Quality Policy

All produced substances that we offer our customers correspond to the valid standards, association recommendations and specific customer requirements in terms of their quality parameters. We don't just want to fulfill these qualities; we want to have a say in national and international markets. 

Process optimization according to market and customer requirements


  • Optimization of the processes and technical machines and systems taking into account the state of the art

  • The satisfaction of our customers is our claim.

  • We meet customer requirements and their expectations through high standard-compliant and parameter-specific compliance with the quality of our products and on-schedule order preparation.

  • We achieve the zero-error goal and ensure the required quality through motivation, Personal responsibility with regard to compliance with quality and environmental aspects

Our employees are the basis of our success

  • Our employees and their qualifications are an important basis for our success, which is why we challenge and support each individual according to his or her potential.
  • We value the flexibility and commitment of our employees. Employee satisfaction is very important to us. Every em-ployee should participate in the success of our company.

Occupational safety is our top priority

  • Our primary goal in the area of occupational safety is to have no accidents at work. Protecting the health of our em-ployees and avoiding injuries and illnesses are important to us.

Fulfillment of binding obligations

  • We want our owners' expectations to be backed up by one of the highest levels of profitability in our industry, with-out losing sight of the long-term perspective.


Environment Protection Policy

Our endeavor to work economically with efficient and transparent processes includes the careful and sustainable use of environmental and energy resources. In order to achieve the goal of long-term optimization, aspects of environ-mental protection, unnecessary environmental pollution and the sustainable, targeted use of resources are already taken into account during strategic planning and development. 

Increasing our energy efficiency is a priority with regard to improved environmental performance and is an overarch-ing energy goal. The procurement of energy-efficient products and services is given preferential consideration. When purchasing, the acquisition costs are not considered in isolation, but also the follow-up costs due to the energy con-sumption during the useful life.

We commit to …

  • for holistic, integrated environmental protection in all areas of the company and continuous improvement of environmental performance and energy efficiency
  • top performance in competition with careful and economical use of all resources
  • Compliance with the law and fulfillment of all legal and voluntary obligations of the interested parties
  • Further training of our employees and call for participation in safety and environmental protection
  • take measures to avoid environmental pollution
  • Minimizing emissions by considering green technologies and other measures
  • Involvement of our Stakeholders
  • transparent communication culture through open dialogue with the public and authorities
  • The public should be given all the necessary information, in the form of an environmental statement, to understand the environmental impact of the activity. The environmental statement can be requested by email at qm@gbfgmbh.de 



We comply with the applicable (inter)national regulations and laws, act in accordance with statutory and legal requirements as well as voluntary commitments and are guided by our corporate standards and goals, especially when it comes to business decisions and actions.
Only with fair competition and strict compliance with the legal system can there be sustainable economic cooperation for the benefit of all. Corruption, collusion between market participants, disloyalty and fraud distort competition, lead to higher costs, can be associated with considerable fines and damage to our image and ultimately endanger jobs in our company. We reject unfair business practices and, in particular, conduct our business free of corruption and bribery. We do not tolerate violations of the law and – regardless of the sanctions provided for by law – result in corresponding labor law consequences for the breach of duty. Our management and employees are strictly prohibited from offering, promising, giving or allowing any official or business partner any advantage in exchange for preferential treatment in any decision, award of contract or delivery; to request, be promised or accept a benefit for oneself or a third party for the preference of a business partner in the delivery or award of orders; To offer, promise or give any advantage, directly or indirectly, to any public official in connection with the Company's business; Gifts, invitations and gratuities that exceed a minimum value of €40 must be approved in writing by management before they are given. The acceptance of gifts is strictly prohibited. Invitations, favors and donations that exceed a trivial value of €40 may only be accepted if acceptance does not affect or call into question our independence or the independence of our business partners. Care must be taken to ensure that gifts, courtesy and invitations always match the occasion and the position of the business partner.