Our mission

Quality Policy

The aim of our quality policy is to produce top quality products. This means that every product that we offer to our customers fully complies with the current laws, industry standards and our customers’ specific requirements.  
Meeting our customers' expectations with regard to quality, value for money and flexibility is at the core of our quality philosophy. All relevant product related regulations are complied with and are incorporated into our integrated quality and environmental protection system. Our feedstuff products are certified according to QS and GMP. In addition, our membership in the Quality Management for Biofuels Association (AGQM) guarantees our high level of quality. 

Furthermore, our stringent quality policy incorporates the following principles:


  • We produce biodiesel from vegetable oil in order to guarantee the high quality of our products

  • All our activities are continuously being improved in order to respond to changes in the market and in our customers’ needs
  • By motivating our employees we establish top quality production standards and increase our employees' commitment to product quality and environmental protection
  • The expectations of our stakeholders are fulfilled by one of the highest returns on investment in the industry, while at the same time we do not lose sight of our long term objectives.
  • We are able to maintain our stringent quality standards by offering regular training to our staff
  • We produce top quality products using efficient production procedures and sell these products successfully on all our markets. In doing so, profit is not given priority over health and safety issues, or over environmental protection.


Environment Protection Policy

We strive to improve our competitiveness on the market while giving the same priority to our responsibility for protecting the environment. 

We want to achieve environmental protection that is integrated and holistic. This means that environmental protection is not an isolated entity, but a component of all our activities, especially in the area of management. Every single employee is committed to protecting the environment, not only those who are directly responsible for the environmental policy of our company.

One of the principle aims of our environmental policy is the continuous improvement of our environment protection standards. These improvements go above and beyond what is required by law.
Our environmental protection policy is based on the following principles:

  • Our staff is trained and kept informed in such a way that they develop a sense of personal responsibility for safety and environmental protection.
  • Within our possibilities our production units are equipped in such a way as to keep the impact on the environment at an absolute minimum.
  • We monitor and evaluate the impact of our activities on the local environment. Any negative influences on the environment are to be avoided by means of a well functioning environmental protection system.
  • We have established safety and environmental protection measures in order to keep accidents and their consequences at an absolute minimum.
  • We take all necessary measures to avoid or remove any form of pollution. When this is not possible, any forms of pollution are to be reduced to a minimum. To this end environmentally friendly technologies are to be used.
  • Together with our suppliers we are continuously optimizing our production processes so as to further reduce pollution
  • The general public is given access to all information necessary for understanding the environmental aspects of our activities. Furthermore, an open dialogue is to be carried out with the authorities and the local population.


The management and the employees are obliged, to comply with applicable national and international regulations, laws and regulations in their business decisions and actions. Sustainable business cooperation for the benefit of all can only be achieved through fair competition and strict compliance with the law. Corruption, collusion among competitors, infidelity and fraud distort competition, lead to higher costs, can be associated with significant fines and damage to image and ultimately endanger the jobs in our company. We reject unfair commercial practices and conduct our business in particular free of corruption and bribery. Violations of the law are not tolerated by us and, irrespective of the penalties provided for in the law, result in corresponding labor law consequences due to a violation of duty.

Our management and employees are strictly prohibited from offering, promising, granting or approving benefits to any officer, officer or counterparty for preferential treatment in any decision, award or supply; to demand, promise, or accept an advantage for itself or for a third party in favor of a business partner in delivering or contracting; Directly indirectly offering, promising or granting an advantage to public officials in connection with the business activities of the company. Gifts, invitations and benefits that exceed a minimum value of € 10, - must be approved in writing by the management before they are granted. The acceptance of gifts is generally prohibited. Invitations, attentions and benefits exceeding a minimum value of € 10 may only be accepted if the acceptance does not affect or cast doubt on our independence or the independence of the business partner. Care must be taken to ensure that gifts, attentions and invitations always reflect the cause and position of the business partner.

In connection with the production of feed, the managing director points out that all employees of GBF GmbH are particularly relevant to compliance with the statutory provisions and GMP regulations, in order to make it clear that the company is part of the food chain and thus has a special responsibility for the Derives the health of our products.