gbf History

It is our job to be a reliable supplier of top quality biodiesel made from sustainable resources. Fulfilling this objective is what guides us in carrying out every incoming order.


1 April, 2011 (by acquisition of all assets of the former EOP Biodiesel AG)


Bengt Korupp


55 highly motivated biodiesel experts

Product range

biodiesel, rapeseed cake, technical glycerin, potassium sulphate

gbf production plants

Plant 1: 40,000 tons per annum of rapeseed oil, 60,000 tons of rapeseed cake
Plant 2: 30,000 tons per annum of RME biodiesel (rapeseed methyl ester)
Plant 3: 100,000 tons per annum of FAME biodiesel (fatty methyl ester)

Production volume

130,000 tons per annum of biodiesel as our main product

Our customers

mineral oil companies

Our task

production of biodiesel and rapeseed oil as well as several joint products
quality assurance guaranteed by our own laboratory