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Biodiesel, Rapsexpeller, Technisches Glycerin

Biodiesel from rapeseed oil

Auf Basis von Rapsöl gewinnen wir hochwertigen High-Tech-Kraftstoff

The Company

Gbf german biofuels gmbh produces biodiesel fuel from vegetable oils for the German market I more


The gbf annual production figures: 3 production plants; 130,000 tons of biodiesel; 44,000 tons of rapeseed oil; 88,000 tons of rapeseed cake (expeller) and 13,000 tons of technical glycerin I more

Guaranteed quality

Top quality biodiesel and vegetable oil made exclusively from certified sustainable resources I more


Gbf’s primary product is made mainly out of rapeseed oil from the region, as well as used cooking oil and other vegetable oils I more

Rapeseed cake

Rapeseed cake is a by-product in the production of rapeseed oil. It is produced in a relationship of approximately 60% rapeseed cake to 40% rapeseed oil. Rapeseed cake is used mainly as feed for livestock I more

Technical glycerin

This by-product of biodiesel production is often used as livestock feed or it is processed into glycerin for the pharmaceutical industry I more

Joint Products

Joint products that are manufactured during the production process are potassium sulphate, fatty acids and gums  I more


We transform vegetable oil into high quality high-tech fuel – a definite step into the future, both ecologically and economically: 

  • Made from renewable resources
  • Inexpensive
  • Low-emission
  • Less particulate air pollution
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions
  • Suitable for everyday use